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Qualifications Summary

More than 11 years of experience in IT industry, including software architecture design, development and configuration using various technologies (server-side, SQL and client-side), team leading. A lot of experience in data warehousing, travel solutions area, integration with 3rd party services and systems, product support and maintenance. Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, self-initiative and quick to learn new skills and technologies.


2006 – 2011 Gomel State University, applied mathematics complete 5-years education.


Russian and Belorussian – native, English – upper-intermediate grammar and fluent speaking.

Projects History

09.2017 – 07.2018

as a freelancer
for Presenso

"Anomalies Detector"

Development of the machine learning application for failure predictions.

Back-end: Java 8, Hadoop

DB: in-memory cache based on ConurrentHashMap

03.2017 – now

as a freelancer
for ITSupportMe

"Data Warehouse"

Leading team of developers. Architecture design and development of web application for data warehousing and reporting.

Back-end: Java 8 → Kotlin, Spring Boot, Redis, Spark

DB: MySQL → Aurora, Pervasive, Athena, Redshift

03.2017 – 04.2017

as a freelancer
for ITSupportMe


Architecture design and development of the web service for the in-memory database with shared lock-objects.

Back-end: Java 8, Netty, Spring (for CDI)

DB: in-memory cache based on ConcurrentHashMap

12.2016 – 03.2017

as a freelancer
for ADEO

"Leroy Merlin UA"

Development of the online shop. Integration with payment gateway system.

Back-end: Java 7, Spring, Hibernate

DB: PostgreSQL

12.2015 – 02.2017

in Wallapop / as a freelancer
for Wallapop


Development of the back-end for the second-hand market application. Automatizing CI processes. Making training for developers. Increase test coverage of the project from almost 0 to 83% in one month. Migrating to micro services architecture. Leading the CI/CD team.

Back-end: Java 7, Liferay Portal engine, Spring


08.2015 – 11.2015

in Exadel
for Wolters Kluwer


Development of the service for working with document hierarchies.

Back-end: Java 8, Spring Boot

DB: Neo4J

06.2015 – 08.2015

as a freelancer
for Sellit

"Sell it"

Development of the REST API for selling platform, creating plugins for OpenFire message server.

Back-end: Java 8, Spring Boot, OpenFire Plugins API

DB: PostgreSQL

02.2015 – 03.2015

in Exadel
for TouchTunes


Development of the back-end for restaurants service.

Back-end: Java 8, Spring, .NET

11.2013 – 01.2015

in Exadel
for EMC2 / TDAmeritrade

"VEO Open Access Dashboard"

Participating in architecture design. Integration with 3rd party services and creating a web application to provide access to all of them in one place.

Back-end: Java 7, Spring, Hibernate

DB: MS SQL Server

07.2012 – 10.2013

for Clarabridge


UI development using GWT framework. Resolving of the customer’s issues. Improving the performance. Automatizing patches delivery.

Back-end: Java 7, Spring, Hibernate, GWT, Apache Lucene

DB: PostgreSQL, Oracle

01.2011 – 06.2012

for Resia


Development of the booking engine, integration with 3rd party services, improving the performance, development of the reports and vouchers with Jasper Reports.

Back-end: Java 6, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, EJB3, JAX-WS

DB: PostgreSQL

09.2010 – 01.2011

for Resia

"Resia Business Portal"

Development of the business portal for travel operator’s customers, 3rd party services integration, deploying to the Amazon Cloud, configuring the multi-server environment, customer’s support.

Back-end: Java 5, Liferay Portal, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, ehCache

DB: PostgreSQL

12.2009 – 07.2010

for EPAM


Development of the internal company’s portal, mostly the UI part.

Back-end: Java 6, Spring, iBATIS, DWR

DB: Oracle

2008 – 2009

as a freelancer
for Aging Portfolio project

"Aging Portfolio"

Development of the text classification tool.

Back-end: Java 6

2007 – 2008

as a freelancer
for a private customer

"Biologic Visualization Tool"

Development of the graph visualization tool.

Back-end: Java 6, Java Universal Network/Graph Framework